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Be Prepared for The New Normal

Do you know what would happen if someone in your current office is diagnosed with Covid? 21 days of quarantine at Penny Bay Isolation Camp! Compulsory Covid test! No access to the office! Deep cleaning for the entire office! Manpower lost! Business operations completely shut down!

Sudden closure of the office could negatively reflect in the company's PnL. 

To safeguard your office's daily operation, you need “PLAN METRO”!

WFH cannot be a long-term solution in a running business where team collaboration is needed, so Metro Workspace offers a temporary and flexible Private Office and Dedicated Desk pass. Act now to protect your colleagues and business. 


Temporary Private Room and Dedicated Desk Membership Terms & Conditions:

  • For a private room membership, the company must rent all the desks offered in the room.
  • Company membership has no restriction on the number of users under this membership.
  • Users from each company membership shall not exceed the maximum private room capacity per use.
  • Price to be charged (hot desk day pass +$200)/ desk/day.
  • No Meeting Room and Printing Credit.
  • Member is required to pay a 1-month deposit if check out date is not provided.
  • HKD100 deposit will be charged per access card and returned upon checkout.